August: Braille Institute Teacher of the Year.
Dr. Bill interviews Keith Christian 2016 Braille Institute Teacher of the Year

July: How to protect your eyes.
Dr. Bill explains the nature of light from the sun, computers and cellphones and how to protect your eyes.

June:Traveling with Low Vision.
Traveling with Low Vision

May: Self Driving Cars.
Dr. Bill talks about the potential of Self Driving Cars.

April: Social Security Programs
The Social Security benefits available to people with vision problems. Also, who qualifies? how to apply and how much you can get.

March: What's New in Assistive Technology.
Dr. Bill interviews a panel of vendors about "what's New in Assistive Technology"

February: Odd Situations.
Dr. Bill and guests discuss the odd situations encountered by the sight impaired

January: Dr. Bill shares his life experience.
Dr. Bill shares his life experience both as he grew up and later lost his vision.



12/15/2015 Lighting and Color.
Dr Bill discusses lighting and color and what it means to those with low vision

11/19/22015 Holiday gifts for the sight impaired.
Dr. Bill and a panel of guests discuss possible Holiday gifts for the sight impaired

10/22/2015 Low Vision Drivers.

Dr. Bill offers advise to drivers who have low vision

09/16/2015 Latest in lens technology
Dr. Bill and guests talk about the latest in lens technology to protect eyes and enhance vision

08/27/2015 Tips for Grooming, Dressing and Shopping

Dr. Bill and a panel discuss valuable tips to help those visually impaired to identify items when grooming, dressing and shopping

07/24/2015 Cooking Tips.  
Dr. Bill and Elsa Enriqes discuss neat cooking tips for those who are visually impaired

06/16/2015 Tips to Help you When Traveling.  
Dr. Bill discusses tips to help you when traveling with a panel of colleagues from around the country

05/22/2015 Orientation and Mobility.  

Dr. Bill discusses the subject of Orientation and Mobility.

04/21/2015 Handling Finances. 
Dr. Bill and guest Betty Holmer discuss handling your finances when you are visually impaired.

02/19/2015 Dating With Low Vision.
Dr. Bill interviews a panel of guests who share their experiences and recommendations regarding dating with low vision.

01/20/2015 High School To College and Employment. 
Dr. Bill interviews Richard Rueda, Junior Blind of America, and Ann Kwong, UC Berkeley to discuss organizations that have transition programs.



12/20/2014 Managing your finances. 
Dr. Bill offers tips on managing your currency, credit and debit cards, as well as monthly bills

11/18/2014 Shopping for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. 
Dr. Bill, Elsa and Julian offer tips on how they shop for Thansgiving and the holidays

10/24/2014  New Treatment for Eye Conditions.  
The latest advances in medications to treat Macular Degeneration, gene therapy, stem cell research and biotechnology to restore vision.

09/13/2014 Transitioning from High School to College or Work. 
Dr. Bill interviews Richard Reuda of the Junior Blind of America, shares information to help students and parents make these life transitions.

08/22/2014 Listen to thousands of books and magazines for free. 
Apply for E books from the National Library Service and listen to them on the NLS player and other devices. Kindle and iPad, and other software discussed.

07/17/2014 Diabetes and Nutrition. 
The interview covers the basic fundamentals about healthy eating and excellent recommendations regarding snacks and counting carbohydrates.

05/20/2014 Travelling With Low Vision. 
Dr. Bill, Julian Vargas & Damian Pickering share advice for traveling: Finding low fares, Travel Apps and Favorite vacation destinations.

04/16/2014 What's New in Assistive Technology 2014 CSUN Conference. 
Discussion of products from Enhanced Vision, Optelec, Freedom Scientific, Humanware, HIMS and others.

02/20/2014 FDA Label Requirements for Visually Impaired. 
Dr. Bill and Annette Carter discuss the FDA requirements for prescription drug labels for the visually impaired.

01/21/2014 Technology accessibility Topics.
Discussion of major improvements in accessibility features of the Mac, as well as features of AI Squared Zoom Text for Mac and the LVI Student New Generation video magnifier


12/18/2013 Advances in Gene Therapy.
A discussion of gene therapy for diseases like Leber's congentital amaurosis, Stargardt's, and Retinoschisis. Plus mutations & gene testing

11/19/2013 Keeping a Positive Attitude.
Dr. Bill interviews Phyllis Amaral, PhD who discusses strategies to keep a positive attitude. Dr. Amaral is a clinical Psychologist at The Center for the Partially Sighted

10/15/2013 Nutrition and Vision.
Dr. Bill Takeshita; Guest: Dr. Kent Small. Dr. Small discusses the relationship between diet and the progress of certain eye diseases. He also answers audience questions.

09/19/2013 Telling others of your vision problem.
Dr. Bill, Annette Carter, Keith Christian, and Richard Rueda discuss the pros and cons of telling others about your vision problem

08/22/2013 Cell phone applications.
Dr. Bill and guest panelists discuss their favorite cell phone applications.

07/16/2013 Customized filters and colored lenses.
The benefits on how these items can increase contrast, reducing glare, improving ey comfort, and protect the tissues of the eye.

06/20/2013  Research in treating eye diseases .
Dr. Bill, Dr. Alfred Solish and Dr. P. Dayani discuss recent research in treating glaucoma, uvetis, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Status on retinal implant, stem cells and gene therapy discussed.

05/23/2013 Latest Low Vision Devices.
Experts discuss: Enhanced Vision DaVinci, APH Braille 18 Plus, HMS Candy Grip & Optelec Clear View Talking Video Magnifier

04/18/2013 Uncomfortable Situations. 
This discussion will provide those with low vision with how to manage uncomfortable situations.

03/20/2013 Smart Phones.
Dr. Bill discusses Smart Phones with Julian Vargas and Mike Orego:

02/23/2013 Upgrading to Windows 8. 
Dr. Bill discusses the accessibility of the Windows 8 OS for people with low vision.

02/21/2013  Windows 8 for low vision.  
Dr. Bill explains the advantages of Windows 8 for people with low vision. He also discusses compatibility with screen magnifiers, text-to-speech and other assistive technology.

01/16/2013  Social Security Benefits & Low Vision.
Dr. Bill interviews Social Security Specialist, Gordon Chan, about the latest changes in Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income, how to apply, and benefits for the employed.



08/23/2012 Advances in Video Magnifiers. 
Dr. Bill discusses the latest advances in video magnifiers.    

07/29/2012 Useful smartphone applications. 
Dr. Bill discusses smartphone applications with two experts in the field, Joel Isaacs and Julian Vargas.

06/22/2012 How to start a business. 
Dr. Bill shares helpful information on how to start your own business at home. He advises there are many low cost options.

05/16/2012  C-Desk Computer System. 
The C-Desk Computer sortware is a program that can help people with low vision use the computer. Dr. Bill talks about the features that makes this a great tool for people with low vision. 

04/17/2012 What's New With Smart Phones? 
Smart phones are evolving each day and this is exciting for people with low vsion. Julian Vargas updates us on the latest in the technology. 

03/21/2012 Benefits of Telesopic Glasses.
Dr. Bill Takeshita talks about the benefits of telescopic glasses and how these glasses can help people with low vision to drive, watch television, and play golf!. 

02/22/2012 Dating With Low Vision 
Dr. Takeshita interviews a panel of adults with low vision and their spouses as they talk about dating. Posted: 

01/19/2012 iPhone 4S Accessible Phones.
Dr. Bill interviews Richard Rueda, Kristi Stone and Julian Vargas about one of the most popular cell phones for people with vision problems, the iPhone 4S. Learn about the features and apps they like most. 



12/21/2011 Traveling With Low Vision.
Dr. Bill interviews Joel Isaacs, who shares helpful tips to make your travel experience more enjoyable. 

11/16/2011 Great Holiday Gifts.
Dr. Bill Takeshita and Julian Vargas describe some of the more popular holiday season gift ideas for children and adults with low vision. 

10/19/2011 How to handle difficult situations.
Dr. Bill and Tom Frank talk about ways to handle those tough situations that people with low vision often encounter.